Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avon Shine Attract Lipstick Swatches

I just wanted to post some swatches for a newly released Avon product. So far I have nine shades available to me so I will have to post swatches of the others later as I can get a hold of them. As you'll see in the photo, my bare lips are very pale, I have like no natural lip color and I have a few freckles too lol. I'm mentioning this because since my lips are so pale, lipstick colors will probably look differently on you if you have more pink or darker pigmented lips. The freckles on my lips also give you an idea as to how opaque a shade is. These shades will all look a little sheer because the concept is color wrapped in gloss so these are glossy and very moisturizing. If more coverage is what you're after you can layer these over a coordinating lip liner. Hope this helps!! :)


Shine Attract - Rose Pink
Shine Attract - Shimmer Pink

Shine Attract - Rose Bouquet

Shine Attract - Nude Love

Shine Attract - Plumberry

Shine Attract - Orchid

Shine Attract - Fuchsia Flare

Shine Attract - Cherry Pie

Shine Attract - Passion Red

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