Friday, April 30, 2010

Mark AfterGlo & Mark GoldenGlo vs Nars Orgasm

So the first photo is of me wearing Orgasm on one cheek and Afterglo on the other but see they look identical on the skin! GoldenGlo is the second photo and the last is of AfterGlo. I use both pretty much daily and as I said in my video I've been really enjoying both. The Afterglo has a bit of gold shimmer in it just as the Nars Orgasm does but I personally don't think there is as much of it or as finely milled. So like I said I'm trying to be really honest in the comparison here and when you put the two side by side, you can tell the difference but if you were to blend them out properly on the cheek they really do look the same. I'm really loving these shades for spring and summer in reality I think these a couple of go to shades year round but they really do work with your complexion to bring out a liveliness almost a glow. I'm glad I got these shades so check 'em out.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Flip For It - Los Angeles

From the name of the palette alone I expected something and I was not let down when I received this. I love the two glosses and the lip colors are really pretty. If you like an eyeshadow with "dimension" this "brown" color has a little plum and gold shimmer so it's not just a brown. I like the highlight a lot but the blush is especially gorgeous. I'm a blush fanatic so I love playing with the colors and this is one of those pretty dusty rose shades that workable for fall and such but just so feminine in the spring and summer. Yay for palettes and convenience!

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Intro & Recently Mentioned

I'm Katerina Longoria, feel free to call me Kat, everyone does. I have a youtube channel in case you don't already know that features products mainly by Avon/Mark.

I've recently talked about a foundation I've been using and loving which is the Smooth Minerals Pressed foundation by Avon. The shade I wear is Sand Beige which is a pretty good match. There is a considerable amount of money I'm saving just by switching from Make Up For Ever HD Foundation which is 40$ to this one which was about 7.99$ when I purchased it. (Avon is always having specials so if you're interest just keep your eyes open for offers.) And in pictures I can't tell the difference between the two products! People haven't noticed I've switched either! Like I mentioned in my video review of the product I used it on a friend who prefers really sheer coverage and I prefer more medium coverage but it works wonderfully on both of us and the mineral pigments are very forgiving. Now I'm not saying that these two foundations are the same or that they are similar, obviously one is a powder and one is a liquid. One makes claims of being HD and the other is mineral, so please don't misunderstand the point I'm making. Which is simply put, after I've applied my Smooth Minerals Pressed foundation and blended everything like I normally would for any foundation I get a very similar effect and my complexion looks just as good as it does in the HD foundation. Obviously one is powder so if I did need a touch up it's super easy to carry it with me and fix anything I might need to fix on-the-go whereas with a liquid I couldn't do that. And the mineral foundation gives me a luminescence that the HD doesn't. I did like the HD a lot but if I had to choose between the two I could get the Smooth Minerals + a lot of other products for the same price or less than the Make Up For Ever HD.

So there you have it. I hope this helps. Feel free to comment.

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