Friday, April 30, 2010

Mark AfterGlo & Mark GoldenGlo vs Nars Orgasm

So the first photo is of me wearing Orgasm on one cheek and Afterglo on the other but see they look identical on the skin! GoldenGlo is the second photo and the last is of AfterGlo. I use both pretty much daily and as I said in my video I've been really enjoying both. The Afterglo has a bit of gold shimmer in it just as the Nars Orgasm does but I personally don't think there is as much of it or as finely milled. So like I said I'm trying to be really honest in the comparison here and when you put the two side by side, you can tell the difference but if you were to blend them out properly on the cheek they really do look the same. I'm really loving these shades for spring and summer in reality I think these a couple of go to shades year round but they really do work with your complexion to bring out a liveliness almost a glow. I'm glad I got these shades so check 'em out.


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