Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Summer Essentials from Avon/Mark

Ok so these are just a few products but I think they can make a good impression for the summer. In the first picture is just an overall collection of the products mentioned in my video. And then obviously there are swatches of the blushes and the eye shadow/liners. The last 2 photos are of the bronzer and the highlighter ( not blended) and the last photo is of the highlighter blended out but it took a few applications to get the color to show up, in person after just one application there is a subtle glow, very pretty and not overly glittery. Unfortunately it's being discontinued but if you like it I suggest talk to an Avon/Mark representative and asking them to put in a request that it be brought back (well saved because it's not completely gone quite yet) But like I mentioned you could try the Glowdacious which is great if you are on a budget because you'll get bronzer and highlighter in one product and it comes with a little half moon brush.

It's pretty clear that everyone has their own personal favorites when it comes to blushes but I tried to choose a few shades that I honestly think will be flattering on everyone. These are my personal favorites right now. I'm such a blush addict but these are my Mark favorites.

I also love these waterproof formulas for the eyeshadow/liners. I think the Mark Keep It Going inch out over the avon big color pencils for me though. I say that because they are a little thinner in consistency and extremely creamy. I've such an easy time smoothing them on with my fingers and no problems blending. I'm in love and really wanna get other shades.

As for the foundation well you all know I use the smooth minerals every day but here's something: Avon is soon coming out with a liquid smooth minerals foundation! You can bet I'll be trying that one as soon as I can.

And of course I need a great lip balm with SPF but I didn't think it really worth mentioning in the video but I rely on Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment Lip Moisturizer SPF 15 which i can usually get for around $1.


  1. Hi, what is the name of the liquid bronzer/highlighter? I couldn't tell by the picture.

  2. i've tagged you in my blog dear.

  3. Hi smaxwell, it is called glow xpert but like i said it's been discontinued so that's why i suggested something else. Sorry hope that helps.