Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Avon Solutions Skincare Line - Total Radiance

These are four products that I've been using and have really enjoyed. I think the two stand out products for me are the eye gel and the thermal cleanser. Like I mentioned in my video I thought of thermal cleansers as sort of gimmicky before trying this product because I had been disappointed in the past. This one really is a deep pore cleanser I think. I know if I haven't exercised in a while my nose tends to be a little rough, not as in dry skin but as in yucky pores ; ( So I always notice that I really exercise I can sweat out all the bad stuff and my nose will be so remarkable smooth. It's like ever better than using a pore strip! The results I get from this cleanser are kind of close because it heats up and scrubs and cleanses. So I like to really let it heat up on my nose I feel like the hotter the better.
As for the eye gel, I'm impressed with the size for starters because I've seen a lot of brands that charge an arm and a leg for eye creams because they know they can get away with it. The beauty industry is always telling us women your eyes show the signs of aging blah blah women are so afraid that quite often they will pay a good sum of money for an eye product. Now I'm only 21 yrs old so obvious this isn't like industrial strength eye cream/gel but really I like it. I like it's consistence for under makeup, there's no tackiness even though it's a gel and it's such a generous amount I feel like i'll never use it all up lol.
The other products are great as well I'm really enjoying using them and overall I'm pleased with my decision to purchase these particular items and I think they really suit my skin type.


  1. Hey,So I was watching the new campaign 15 where they literally dare you to compare total radiance am lotion and pm night cream to the clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion, can you attest to this?

  2. I saw that too, unfortunately though I haven't tried clinique's lotion though. I was allergic to their eye makeup remover which make my whole eye area horribly itchy and after all of their "testing" and "hypoallergenic" talk I was really disappointed that I still went through something so horrible. (My whole eye area was red and irritated and it hurt to scratch but I couldn't stop...what a nightmare) So after my ordeal with clinique it just really turned me off to the brand as a whole. Sorry I can't be more help.